Springfield Masonic Community Testimonials

Some of the best people to tell our story are our residents. Following are how some of our independent and assisted living residents feel about life at Springfield Masonic Community.

Polly, Resident:
“I didn’t come here to sit around and rest, I came here to live.”

Ron, Resident:
“I can’t say enough about the staff here. Their being here for us and giving us things to do has really helped me out.”

Hazel, Resident:
“They take care of almost everything I ask for and some things I don’t ask for.”
“It’s nice to know I have a beautiful home to go back to.”

Joann, Resident:
“If I spoke to anybody going to move who is my age I would highly recommend Springfield Masonic Community,” she said. “I feel safe and I know my husband is safe.” “The people have been so helpful,” Joann said. “I can now be with people and not be so lonely. I wanted to get back to doing the things I did before. “

Rolland, Resident:
“It’s mighty nice here,” said Rollie. “We always knew this was here if we needed it. Now it’s home.”

Faith, Resident:
“If you had an active life before you came here, you will definitely continue it here,” said Faith. “You have to get out and do things. Everyone seems to get involved in something.”
“You should come early enough to make friendships,” said Faith. “The people here will help you. “

Bob and Joanne, Residents:
“This is where we want to be,” Bob said. “Whatever we may need down the road, they’ll have it for us here.” “The lessons I’ve learned via freemasonry are important,” said Bob. “My oath tells me how to live.” “We don’t have to worry about mowing the lawn or maintaining our home,” Bob said. “That’s all done for us.” “We love our home,” Joanne said. “Cookie loves it here, too. “

Maxine, Resident:
“It was very appealing. I loved the view from that apartment, and liked the thought of having a balcony.” “I wanted to have all the services available to me. I’m so enthusiastic about living here. I’ve loved every minute of it…getting reacquainted with old friends from high school and meeting so many new friends I get the gals together for card games, and a group of us go to dinner together every evening. And my son and his wife live in Troy, so it’s close for them to visit.”

Mildred, Resident:
“I didn’t want to stay in an average place. This is a wonderful place. I don’t know who selects the staff, but they help me with everything I need.”

Rufus, Resident:
“I came here because it’s the best Masonic Home in the country.”