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Common MYTHconceptions About Senior Living

There are many beliefs that are widely accepted about Healthcare and Senior Living that just aren’t true. Many are simple myths that are passed from generation to generation with little-to-no fact to support them, yet they are accepted as truth. Don’t base an important decision, such as choosing a Senior Living Community, on common MYTHconceptions.
Let’s Bust Some Senior Living Myths!


Myth 1: “I only live here a few years, right?”

Truth: The average person thrives 7 HEALTHY years longer in a planned senior community than if they were living on their own!

Myth 2: “Long Term Care Insurance is only for Nursing Homes”

Truth: Most policies offer an “Assisted Living Rider” that will cover a portion of your fees.

Myth 3: “I’m not sick enough to move into Assisted Living”

Truth: Healthy, well-capable people move into Assisted Living often!  Socially driven needs are very common in Assisted Living settings.

Myth 4: “All you do is play Bingo!”

Truth: Travel Clubs, Ladies Day Out, Guys night out, Upper Supper Club, Lifelong Learning Programs, and Happy Hour are all regularly planned social events at our senior living communities!

Myth 5: “I’ll be disconnected from my family and friends”

Truth: Living on a senior living campus doesn’t change the ability to see your family or friends.  

Myth 6: “I’ve got time, I’ll wait.”

Truth: Waiting could hinder your chances on moving how and where you want.