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May Employee Spotlight

At Springfield Masonic Community, our employees are super stars! We recently sat down with an LPN named India so she could share her story and the success she’s had at Springfield Masonic Community. Meet India, a Springfield Masonic Community Super Star!


How long have you worked at Springfield Masonic Community?

I have worked at SMC for 10 years. I started here when I was doing my clinicals to become an STNA and I knew immediately that I liked being here and this was where I wanted to stay. I went back to school and, now I’m here working as an LPN on 3rd shift. I usually work three days a week, two days on the 4th floor, a skilled nursing floor and one day a week, I work in memory care.


What makes Springfield Masonic Community different than other senior living communities?

Everyone at SMC took me under their wing. That doesn’t happen everywhere you go. I hadn’t been here all that long when my father died very unexpectedly. They were there for me. Everyone stood beside me and helped me to know that I was part of a family, and that they would be here for me. That’s not something I will ever forget.

Everyone here wants to see you grow and succeed. We all do are part, co-workers, we are a team. There are no attitudes, supervisors are willing to “get their hands dirty” and do whatever it takes to get the job done. Everyone is expected to be a leader, and at different times we all lead in some ways.

The best way I can describe it, is I feel spoiled. This is my home and these people are my family.


What do your daily responsibilities include?

Working 3rd shift, offers the opportunity to work at a slower pace, most of the time. I have more opportunity to get to know our community members. It isn’t as rushed. I can put more of my heart into their care. I have the opportunity to look for “signs” that something isn’t going right for them. I’m not just there to “pass pills.” I want to make sure
they never feel overwhelmed. I believe that we need to keep learning, and often times I will have the opportunity to observe nurses doing different procedures. This is a great learning experience.

I love working in memory care. When I work in memory care, part of what I do is very different from the other floor where I work. Sometimes, I sit in the recliner by their bed and hold their hand to get them to go to sleep. There are times when they think that I am “mom” and if that helps them to eat their dinner than that’s what I do. If a community member still remembers their time as a nurse, then I talk to them like they are still a nurse. I take people where they believe they are at that moment. Most times, they feel so lost, so I try to make sure I keep their daily routine since that’s what works best. I need to be where they are at that time.


What are some of your favorite benefits Springfield Masonic Community offers?

I have a goal for myself to become a supervisor, but I still want to work on the floor. I always want to have interaction with our community members. The tuition assistance program will help me to meet that goal.

They will work with you to set your work schedule, and there are also opportunities for over time. They worked with me when I went back to school and I know they will again in the future.

The attendance incentives are great too! Gas cards and the opportunity to win a car!!


What would you tell a prospective applicant about Springfield Masonic Community?

It’s a new adventure every day! You are expected to do your work, that’s just life, but what we have here is a home away from home. This is a comfortable setting and we care, “genuinely care” for our community members and all of our co-workers.

I have six sisters and four are nurses. The other two are in nursing school. I tell all of them what a wonderful place this is to work. They ask me questions about how things are done here, and I’m thrilled to share the good things we do with my family.

Always remember, nursing is not just a job, “nursing comes from your heart.”


Why do you love working at Springfield Masonic Community?

This is a home setting for me, not just a job. I have grown up with many of these people. When I come to work, I am working in the homes of our community members. I enjoy each day and the opportunity to work with our community members. Here’s my philosophy. “It takes a whole house to run this home and we are what makes up this house.”



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