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August Employee Spotlight

Meet Vicki, Environmental Services!

At Western Reserve Masonic Community, our employees are super stars! We recently sat down with an Environmental Services employee named Vicki so she could share her story and the success she’s had at Western Reserve Masonic Community. Meet Vicki, a Western Reserve Masonic Community Super Star!


How long have you worked at Western Reserve Masonic Community?

I have worked at WRMC for 11 1/2 years, so you know that it’s a really great company to work for! My father is a Mason, so that gave me the idea to apply for a job at WRMC and that was a wonderful decision that I am so glad I made.


What makes Western Reserve Masonic Community different than other senior living communities?

The people! I feel appreciated by both staff and community members. I was in a car accident and people sent me cards and checked in on me. I received a box from the community members that really made me feel special after my accident. You don’t see this everywhere you work.

It’s nice to work where you can have a flexible schedule. Sometimes you just have to go for appointments and with the opportunity to have flexible scheduling that makes your life so much easier.

I worked in a factory before I came to WRMC. I wanted to work with people and now I get to do that every day.


What do your daily responsibilities include?

I do laundry full time and housekeeping when needed. I also fill in the front desk. All of this give me the opportunity to have a connection with the community members.


What are some of your favorite benefits Western Reserve Masonic Community offers?

We have great insurance! An attorney told me our insurance is excellent. We are covered for preventive medications, things like asthma and diabetes. You can save up to $300 a month in preventatives.

We have a 403B plan that the company will match up to 4%. You can even put in up to 15% when you get near retirement and the company will still match the 4%.

HSA is another excellent option. You can build up PTO time too.

Now here is a benefit that you don’t get everywhere, the opportunity to win a car based on your good attendance! I hope I can win!!


What would you tell a prospective applicant about Western Reserve Masonic Community?

This is an excellent place to work! I enjoy coming to work. I have an excellent boss and leadership team. WRMC has an open door policy. With the positive attitude that I see every day, I always want to do my very best work. Working at WRMC helps you have a positive outlook on life.

It’s such a good environment. When I come to work I feel like I’m going to visit parents and grandparents. It’s a pleasure to come to work.

Our bosses are always doing good things for us such as Star Recognition. They make us feel special by treating us to things such as an Ice Cream Social, Pizza Party and a Christmas Party. (We also get Christmas presents!) This is just a few of the wonderful things they do for us.

You will feel welcome here and you will know immediately that you are part of a team. Get to know the community members. They add so much to your life. You feel like part of a big happy family.


Why do you love working at Western Reserve Masonic Community?

There are so many reasons I love working here and they all center on the people, co-workers and community members. When I think of my co-workers, I know I am part of a team and that’s a great feeling.

There is a community member that feels like my “adopted mom.” She will stop in to say hello and see how I am. She is an amazing woman. I have gotten to know her well and I even joined her church. You develop friendships with the community members that are very special.

Sometimes community members just want a hug so I give/get several hugs every day. One community member, a 90 year old lady, was just having a bad day. She was crying so I sat with her and comforted her. She said, “Vicki, I love you.” How could you not want to come to work to hear those three little words?



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