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Campus Update (WRMC)

WRMC Community Members, Families, and Staff

I am sending you this message today to let you know that we have two staff members that have shown signs and symptoms of COVID-19. We tested both staff members with a RAPID RESPONSE antigen COVID test.

One returned positive and the other was inconclusive. Per our Pandemic plan each care area is now under quarantine. Residents in our Care Areas are not permitted to leave your room during quarantine. We expect this to last 14 days but could be extended based on testing results.

The two staff members had been wearing a surgical mask and faceshield while working. They mainly worked in Skilled Nursing, however, one did work one shift in both Traditional AL & Memory Care during the period of which they may have been contagious.

We will be testing all residents in Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living, and Memory Care today through a RAPID RESPONSE testing on-site. Results are available within 15 minutes of sampling. Any positives will be tested again through PCR testing through a contracted vendor.

This means that all resident in Traditional Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing are required to stay in their apartments until further notice. We have closed the Fire Doors at the end of each hallway and have placed appropriate signage. In Memory Care staff will be working together to keep residents social distanced as best as possible.

All outdoor and window visits for Traditional Assisted and Skilled Nursing are cancelled until further notice. Life Enrichment will be contacting families to set up facetime or zoom calls for residents in those areas. Memory Care will continue with scheduled windows.

For Independent Living, until further notice we will be closing down the café, beauty shop, gym, wood shop, and in-person Sunday dining

As you know, we have had a “Pandemic Plan” in place since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic to ensure the safety and health of all of our staff and community members. We will continue to comply with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines and protocols to minimize the exposure of staff members, community members, and clients.

Our staff working in care areas are all now wearing N95 masks, faceshields, gowns, and facility provided scrubs.

I know this is a challenging and scary situation, but this is what we have worked so hard to prepare for. We will get through this together and we will persevere.

Our team has been resilient and stepped up to this challenge in the past. I know our dedicated team members will step up again and do what is necessary to provide the best care possible to our community members. We will all get through this together.



Jason French – Administrator