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Campus Update (WRMC)

WRMC Community Members & Families,

Last week we informed you that we had 2 staff members that were symptomatic for COVID-19. Both employees received additional PCR testing 1 came back positive and the other negative for COVID-19.

On Wednesday 9/16/20 we tested 190 team members and vendors. 188 of the 190 all came back negative, with two tests coming back positive.

One positive was our already known which we reported last week. The other is a non-clinical Skilled Nursing employee. This employee does not provide direct care to resident and has been wearing a mask when interacting with residents and staff.

Due to having 1 or more residents or staff members testing positive for COVID-19, we are now required to test ALL STAFF weekly. Weekly testing will continue until there are no more resident or staff positive cases. This testing will take place this coming Wednesday; results take 3-5 days to return.

All residents in Skilled Nursing are also required to test weekly until there are no more positive tests. Initially, we will be including Assisted Living and Memory Care residents in our weekly resident testing. This pcr nasal swab testing will be will be completed on Tuesday September 22nd, the results take 3-5 days to return. We will only be contacting individuals with Positive results.

We will report all testing outcomes once all the results are in.

At this time we will not be testing Independent Living Residents.

Due to potential exposure in our transportation department to a resident who has tested positive for COVID, Michelle Whittaker and Leta Turnbaugh will be temporarily handling transportation duties.

Until further notice all Assisted Living & Skilled Nursing doctor appointments will need to be either telehealth or rescheduled until after our 14 day quarantine. If you or your family schedule and provide your own doctor appointments, please plan accordingly.

If you currently have appointments on the books with transportation in the next two weeks and you live in Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing we will be contacting you or your doctor to reschedule or convert those appointments to telehealth.

Independent Living transports will go forward as planned. Please call the front desk to schedule any future appointments.

As you know, we have had a “Pandemic Plan” in place since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic to ensure the safety and health of all of our staff and community members. We will continue to comply with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines and protocols to minimize the exposure of staff members, community members, and clients.

Our staff working in care areas will continue to wear N95 masks, faceshields, gowns, and facility provided scrubs. I know this is a challenging and scary situation, but this is what we have worked so hard to prepare for. We will get through this together and we will persevere.



Jason French – Administrator