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November 2020 Employee Spotlight

At Browning Masonic Community, our employees are super stars! We recently sat down with an LPN named Wendie so she could share her story and the success she’s had at Browning Masonic Community. Meet Wendie, a Browning Masonic Community Super Star!


How long have you worked at Browning Masonic Community?

I have worked at BMC since February as an LPN in Assisted Living.  I started out as a Medical Assistant before becoming an LPN.  I worked in Family Practice, Urgent Care and Pain Management.  Wendie laughed as she shared that she was too “bubbly” to work in pain management. I decided to join the team at Browning because I was missing a sense of connection in my previous position that I knew would be fulfilled by providing care in a residential setting.


What makes Browning Masonic Community different than other senior living communities?

I can’t tell you what makes BMC different from other senior living communities since this is my first time working in senior living.  But, I can definitely tell you why I like working here. First, it doesn’t feel like a hospital. There is family feeling at BMC with both the staff and the community members.  There is a comradery with the other employees.  The staff is comfortable with each other. I know that we can all rely on each other.

Even if I have had a hectic day, I still leave feeling good.  I know I have spent my day helping someone’s family.  That what makes working at BMC so special. You are their extended family at that time and the feeling you get is hard to describe except to say it’s wonderful.


What do your daily responsibilities include?

There are certain responsibilities that are going to be the same every day.  Working as an LPN, I am responsible for the dispensing of medications.  That will happen every day.  Charting will also be done every day.  Those are standard nursing duties.  I hear the phrase, other duties as assigned and in some jobs, I might think what now.  At BMC other duties as assigned means that you get to help a community member have a better day.

Now let me tell you what makes every day special for me. That would be my community members!  They make me want to get up and come to work every day regardless of what else might be going on in my life.  I am a single mom with two young children, and even with these responsibilities at home, some days I will choose to work an extra shift.  I enjoy the bond that I have made with our community members. The community members feel that bond too.  Here is what Carol H shared with me one day. “Wendie, you are kind, patient, happy, and caring.  You are the greatest.”  I was not accustomed to hearing those types of kind words simply for doing my job.



What are some of your favorite benefits Browning Masonic Community offers?

I am excited about the recruitment bonus.  When I suggested people for employment at Browning Masonic Community and they were hired, I received a bonus for each one. I am proud to have brought some of my friends to work at BMC and they are enjoying working here just as much I am.

Something else that is a benefit every day I come to work at BMC, getting a great meal for free as a thanks for working here.  I will always tell you that the food is delicious!


What would you tell a prospective applicant about Browning Masonic Community?

Apply here!  There is a feeling of trust among the staff and the leadership.  The lines of communication are always open. Your questions will always get answered. Our team has an exceptional work ethic. You will learn quickly that you are part of a family.

So much of what is done to serve the community members may feel like a checklist, but here at BMC that’s not the case.  What makes BMC very special is the feeling that you get, truly knowing that you make a difference by building a relationship with people you serve.



Why do you love working at Browning Masonic Community?

There is standard of excellence that BMC is known for in Northwest Ohio and I am one of the faces that makes up Browning Masonic Community. I help every day to be a part of that standard of excellence. Coming to work puts a smile on my face because of the people that I serve.  Our community members are a family.  We share parts of ourselves with our community members and they do the same in return.

We try very hard to make our community members feel loved and valued and in turn I hear kind words like these from Mary L. “I love Wendie!  She is just SUPER.  She is a very, very good nurse.  Can I adopt her?  I know there’s a line of people who must want to, but I’m first.”  How many places can you come to work and feel that much kindness?  Come join me at Browning Masonic Community.  I would love to share these great experiences with you.


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