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Campus Update (WRMC)

WRMC Community Members and Families,

Today we tested all residents in Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living for COVID-19 all results came back negative. Our staff were also tested today via Rapid Antigen testing. We had 1 STNA from Skilled Nursing test positive. We are now waiting on their PCR test results to confirm the Rapid Test. This takes our active current staff case count to 4 total team members. This unfortunately means that our quarantine will continue in our care areas.

As you are all aware we will continue to test staff and residents weekly due to having at least 1 staff positive case. However, the Center for Medicare Services also requires facilities that have a County-wide Test Positivity Rate of 10% or higher to test all staff twice weekly.

Medina County is now at Positivity Rate of 10.8%. Starting Monday November 30th we will be testing all staff on Mondays and Wednesday using a combination of Rapid and PCR testing. Twice weekly testing of staff will remain in place until county rate drops below 10% over a two week period.

Residents in Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living will continue to be tested only once per week.

We again are encouraging our residents in all areas to follow the recommendations of the Medina Health Department and the State of Ohio to not attend traditional family gatherings for Thanksgiving.

We are still moving forward with our socially distanced in-person dining for Thanksgiving for all areas.

At this time, we are not stopping visitation for Independent Living. However, we are asking everyone to only visit if it is absolutely necessary.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly.

Jason French