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December 2020 Superstar Spotlight

At Springfield Masonic Community, our employees are super stars! We recently sat down with Jodi from Environmental Services so she could share her story and the success she’s had at Springfield Masonic Community. Meet Jodi, a Springfield Masonic Community Super Star!


How long have you worked at Springfield Masonic Community?

In total, I have worked at Springfield Masonic Community (SMC) for 20 years.  I started at SMC when I was in high school. I lived in Springfield at that time and started here through a school program. I started in the Dietary Department and I was there for 3 years.  I left to help care for triplets for three years and then returned to SMC.  When I returned I started in Environmental Service and I have been there ever since.


What makes Springfield Masonic Community different than other senior living communities?

The people makes SMC different from other communities. Everyone from the leadership to the staff are so caring. The interaction with the community members makes you want to come to work every day. You get a good feeling just knowing that you are helping others.

Tony Berardi, our campus president and Tonya Blumenschein are fantastic leaders, and their leadership makes me enjoy coming to work. I know they are looking out for us every day. You can always tell that they truly care about each of us. You won’t find that everywhere.


What do your daily responsibilities include?

Since I have worked in three different types of jobs, here’s a bit about each of them. When I worked in Dietary, I put food on the trays and delivered them to our community members.  I would pick up the trays and return them to the kitchen. As a team member in Dietary, we all helped to make sure the kitchen was always spotlessly clean.

When I came back after my three years of taking care of triplets, I went into Environmental Services.  I worked for several years in Laundry.  There I did laundry, such as linens for SMC as well as personal laundry for the community members.  I would restock the linen carts and take those to the floors. As a team member in Laundry, we made sure the laundry room was very clean every day.

After a few years, I moved to the position of a Floor Tech. As a Floor Tech I would clean common areas and stairwells as well as clean rooms to prepare them for move-ins. We work hard and sometimes go home feeling tired, but it is a good tired and worth it every day. The hard work has made someone’s day better.

Now, I also train new staff members on how to do all of the Environmental Services positions.  That is easy to do since I have worked in all of these positions.  It’s fun to meet and work with the new staff members and make sure they know how to do their job properly.


What are some of your favorite benefits Springfield Masonic Community offers?

The Springfield Masonic Community gives all of their staff members a chance to grow if that is what you want to do. I wanted to grow and I am excited that I was able to.  By letting my supervisors know that I wanted to advance and working hard, I am now the Director of Environmental Services. If you want to advance, set your goals and we will help you succeed.

There can be times in your life when you feel like nothing is going your way.  The car breaks down or an unexpected bill arrives and you are trying to decide where the money is going to come from in order to pay the bill.  SMC has the HOPE Program. HOPE stands for Helping Our People Every day. This program is designed to help you with this unexpected bill. There is an application that you fill out to apply for the money if you discover that you have a serious financial need.

There is also a food pantry for those in need. Along with that, SMC is helping out during COVID-19, with meals that we can take home to families. This gives you had the opportunity to spend more time with your family instead of worrying about cooking when you get home at the end of the day.


What would you tell a prospective applicant about Springfield Masonic Community?

I would tell someone considering working at Springfield Masonic Community to come and join our team.  SMC is a great place to work! You need to be caring and compassionate with the community members and you will feel that same kindness in return.

If you want to work someplace where you have room to grow in a family environment this is the place to be. I hope you give us a look.  I know you will like what you see.


Why do you love working at Springfield Masonic Community?

I love working at SMC because every day I get to see that my first priority is met. That priority is always giving the best care possible to the community members.  I love to help people and by doing my job, I feel like I am working with family every day. I don’t have children and I am no longer married, so I enjoy the family atmosphere. You know it’s a great place to work when your own family enjoys working here too. I have three sisters and a twin brother. One of my sisters works here and it’s great to see her when we both work on the same days. Simply, I just love my job!



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