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Upcoming Changes for Screening Protocols at Western Reserve

WRMC Family Community Members & Families,

We have continued to test our team and vendors twice a week for COVID-19. On Monday a vendor that had been working in Independent Living, tested positive on a rapid response test. Through contact tracing it was determined that this vendor had zero contact with any WRMC community members or team members. We will continue to test our team members following the guidance of the Ohio Department of Health.

It has been over a year that we all have been dealing with COVID and we are getting closer and closer as a Nation to the end of this roller coaster!

During the pandemic, all of us have had to adapt to new routines and changes in our everyday lives. With the safety of our community members and team in mind, last year we made the decision to place a gatehouse at our front entrance. We were then able to efficiently screen all persons entering our campus, and allow for our family members to drop off deliveries without entering the building. This change was effective and we achieved the desired outcome of making our campus safer. Just as we adapted 12 months ago, we again will be changing our routine for our visitors, staff, and deliveries.

On Monday April 5th, 2021 at 7:00am we will stop screening community members, staff, and visitors at the gatehouse. Instead, we will be utilizing self-service kiosks to screen and sign-in/sign out visitors and staff. All visitors for every area will be required to use the main entrance of WRMC. This is the entrance located on the pond side of the campus in the center of building 4. Our reception desk coverage will have extended hours starting the 5th.

The new hours will be every day of the week 8:00am – 11:00pm. Visiting hours for Independent Living will be extended to 9:00am – 10:00pm.

To ensure that all visitors are entering the main entrance, all visitor key cards have been deactivated for all other doors on the campus.

The kiosk is located at the receptionist desk. All visitors entering campus, regardless of the area they are visiting, are required to use the kiosk. The sign in system will take persons through the required screening questions, just as we have done at the gatehouse. It will use an infrared camera/thermometer to accurately take temperatures. Once the person has successfully signed-in, the kiosk will print out a badge that all visitors are required to where while on-site. If any of the screening questions or temperature falls outside of the requirements, the visitor will be politely asked to leave WRMC.

There are no other changes for Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living or Memory Care visitation. Visits in these areas will continue to be scheduled in advance in the manner that was reported last week.

However, deliveries for community members in our care areas will now be brought into the building at the front desk. Those items will then be delivered to the community by a WRMC team member. You will not be required to be screened if you are dropping of a delivery. On scheduled visits through life enrichment, family members are permitted to bring deliveries with them.

All Independent Living visitors are asked to go directly to the community member’s apartment after successfully signing-in. Visitors are not permitted in any of the common areas; including the storage area.

We are requesting that all visitors sign-out at the conclusion of each visit.

This is a major change for our community and we expect there to be a learning curve for our community members, families, and team members. We are excited about this new technology and the flexibility it will provide our campus.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me directly.


Jason French, President