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Shall I Rent or Shall I Buy?

As you get a bit older, you may find yourself wanting to make a decision on renting or buying your next place to live. Do you want to spend all your time maintaining a yard and worrying about repairs that may or may not happen? Will you feel like shoveling snow or will you have enough money set aside to buy the new furnace? Maybe you want this time in your life to be filled with relaxation and fun. Let’s take a look at the renting vs. buying question by seasons.


We have just come out of winter and this winter was more snowy than usual. If you are like most people, the ideas of never having to shovel the snow again will sound appealing.  To get up in the morning and know that if you have to get out, this has already been done for you.  Sometimes worse than the snow is scraping ice and taking a chance of falling and injuring yourself. That’s all done too!



Spring is a time that most of us really enjoy.  Everything is turning a beautiful shade of green, the flowers are blooming and the weather is getting warmer.  Everyone is ready to be outside with their friends and neighbors more than ever this spring. But as much as you want to be outside, do you want to spend your time cleaning out flower beds, weeding and mulching? Let’s not forget washing those windows after all the snow and ice.  That’s no one’s idea of fun. Maybe you would prefer to be playing golf with your membership that each campus provides or simply taking a walk.  There is something for everyone.



As we move into summer and the temperatures soar, the heat may be a problem for some people. While living in your own home, you still have to mow the grass, continue taking care of the flowers and shrubs as well as watering the lawn.  If you can’t do this yourself, you can always determine how much this may cost and try to budget for it, or you can rent and know this is included in your rent. This makes renting sound much more appealing.



Fall is a beautiful season as the leaves change colors, but as beautiful as that is, those leaves start falling. That means raking leaves and cleaning out gutters as well as cutting back flowers and getting the outside of your house ready for cold weather. If you don’t enjoy those activities then renting may be a better fit for you. Cleaning out gutters means climbing a ladder which can be dangerous at any age.



You have heard some of the pros and cons based on the seasons. Now let’s think about some of the most important pros of renting in a life plan community.  After a year of living through a pandemic, we know the importance of socialization, especially since we’ve been missing it. You are never alone. If you need assistance, help is just a call away.   We want you to know that you are living in your “safe space” which you can call home.

Does renting work better for you? If you feel like the answer is ‘yes’ or even ‘maybe’, please give our communities a look.


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