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Celebrating Derby Day at SMC

If you get the chance to visit the Kentucky Derby on the first weekend in May, you will find excited men and women from all over the country. That excitement can also be found at the Springfield Masonic Community. Everyone enjoys the Derby Day party.

The ladies start the week before making large, flowered, traditional hats to be worn at the party.  Ribbons, bows and flowers individualized each hat.  A couple of the ladies even made hats for their husbands, without all the flowers!



About 60 people attended the party and enjoyed the great food as well as some Derby Day games. There was a door prize drawing for the ladies that wore the traditional hats.  Everyone had a favorite horse that they wanted to win. There were also prizes for those with the top 3 winning horses.

An added surprise was the celebration of Mike Ryan’s 74th birthday. Voices were raised in song to wish him a happy birthday.  Derby Day dessert was birthday cake.



Now that the derby has been run, it’s time to put those hats in a safe place until this same time in 2022. We’ll look forward to another exciting Derby Day party next May.