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Another Friday, a New Food Truck!

Diamond Dogs is a Springfield Masonic Community (SMC) favorite and the great turnout was proof of their good food and service! Again this week, SMC and corporate employees enjoyed lunch, as well as the largest number of community members so far this summer. Many were repeat customers, but repeat or new, everyone had fun! Life enrichment was sporting matching T-shirts.

People came on foot, by motorized chairs, maintenance vehicles, a golf cart and the newest type of transportation to the food truck rally, a trike. The line just kept getting longer and longer while discussing their favorite unique hotdogs.

Diamond Dogs will be back in August. Take a few minutes to look over their menu and decide what type of “dog” you will choose.

Join us every other Friday for lunch from 10:30 AM-1:00 PM. Enjoy the great food and excellent company.