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Go back a year ago…..how did you celebrate the 4th of July?

Here at Western Reserve Masonic Community (WRMC) our celebration looked completely different to our staff and community members. There were no fireworks to go out to see, and families were unable to see their love ones without a scheduled appointment. Everyone was wearing masks, social distancing was a must during the pandemic. Our saving grace through the generosity of The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation. WRMC was able to have their very own fireworks display just for our community members. Their family and friends were unable to join their loved ones to watch this remarkable show.

On Thursday, July 1, 2021, one year later WRMC Lights up the Night!!! We were able to celebrated together the Declaration of Independence for this great nation of ours and see the smiles on everyone faces. We had food trucks and The Diamond Project held a live concert on the front lawn. Together as a whole community we sat together such which was such a great feeling as we move closer to our old normal. The Western Reserve Masonic Community members, staff, along with their families and friends would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation once again for the spectacular fireworks display that we were able to share with our loved ones. What is the saying, a picture speak a thousand words…just take a look at all the pictures.