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SMC Employees Participated in a Back to School Program

It’s been a long 15 months for the students and families in our community. No one was prepared for what COVID-19 would to for our conventional ways of attending school and learning.  Little has been the same for elementary students all the way through high school students and even most college students.

One thing was the same, the level of caring from the Springfield Masonic Community (SMC) employees. As prices have increased on almost everything, that definitely included school supplies. SMC once again came through with its annual school supply drive. The alphabet was divided into thirds, and each group had specific items to purchase to ensure the variety of needed supplies.  As always, that process worked perfectly.

As the school year is starting in Clarke County and the surrounding counties, the students of our SMC employees will have the help needed to start the year off right.  No student will be without school supplies thanks to the generous donations of the SMC family of employees.