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Brews and Tattoos

You just had to be there and many Springfield Masonic Community (SMC) members and staff spent the afternoon enjoying non-alcoholic brews and getting tattoos! Those easily removable tattoos had everyone talking, laughing, pointing at each other’s arms and legs and deciding what kind of tattoos they wanted to get. There were large tattoos and small tattoos, tattoos of all sizes.  Some chose just one and others wanted several.  Some were simple black outlines and others were bright colors.  The choices were unique, everything from birds, butterflies and flowers to playing cards and eyeballs!


When the cameras came out, no one was shy.  Everyone enjoyed showing off their tattoos.  The more pictures that were taken the funnier they got! If you wanted even more entertainment, you had fantastic music by Matthew Allen.  He entertained all afternoon and even took song requests, as some people chose to sing along. One couple entertained the crowd by dancing. Community members enjoyed the snacks and some decided to take theirs home and make the day last even longer.

As the event was coming to an end, the organizers declared the afternoon a tremendous success! The decision was made that this was the “1st annual” Brews and Tattoos.