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Let’s Play Golf!

According to Arnold Palmer, “Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated.” Golf is a timeless and ageless game with multiple benefits. It is played by millions of seniors, not only for the great social and health benefits, but for the mental challenge. Your pace may be a bit slower and your shot may not go quite as far, but the enjoyment still remains the same.

Golf encourages seniors to socialize, and it’s shown to improve concentration as well as quality of life. Preliminary study results suggest that golf improves seniors’ walking and standing ability, balance, strength and cognitive processing.

For those people who call one of our Ohio Masonic Communities home, you have a golf course membership just by virtue of living there. If you call Browning Masonic Community home, your membership is at White Pines. If you are considering moving to Western Reserve Masonic Community, then your golf membership will be Bunker Hill. For those of you living at the Springfield Masonic Community, (SMC) your golf course membership is Windy Knoll. Maybe you want to brush up on some of your techniques, you will enjoy watching Brian Clayborn, our SMC Sales Manager as he shares some golf tips with you. https://youtu.be/gvHZ3lXSd5w

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits you can get from playing golf. Exercise is one of those benefits. The average golfer walks four miles playing 18 holes of golf. According to Golf Digest Magazine, the average golfer burns over 1,400 calories walking 18 holes of golf, and as many as 850 calories if you choose to use a golf cart.

Walking the course helps build muscle strength, improves cardiovascular functions and increases endurance. If walking 18 holes just feels like too much, try walking the first nine holes and taking a golf cart on the back nine.

The golf swing promotes core muscle strength and works the major muscle groups. This helps to prevent lower back pain and builds the muscles in your chest, back and forearms.

If you are looking for a good mental workout golf is your game. Golf is filled with precise mental calculations such as ball location, grass depth, wind direction and green speeds. Seniors rarely come across the level of strategic thinking they did while working. Golf is a great way to keep you brain fit. Golfers are also reminded of the need for patience while playing.

Only a very small percentage of golfers ever get to a low-handicap. This means they rely on the other great parts of the game for enjoyment, the social aspect. A great golf cliché to consider, “I’m just out here to relax and unwind.” It’s all about having a good time with friends.

As people continue to age, it can be harder to stay connected with friends. Regular golf outings can help build and maintain relationships as well as provide you with a recurring event to look forward to. Mental stimulation outside of your home with other like-minded individuals is very important to good health.

For those individuals who are looking for a good physical and mental workout as well as a good time with friends, golf just might be the perfect activity for you.