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September 2021 Superstar Spotlight

At Springfield Masonic Community, (SMC) our employees are super stars! We recently sat down with a Social Wellness Coordinator named Jonathan so he could share his story and the success he’s had at Springfield Masonic Community. Meet Jonathan, a Springfield Masonic Community Super Star!


How long have you worked at Springfield Masonic Community?

I have worked as the Social Wellness Coordinator for 8 years and I love every day that I get to come to work. It doesn’t even feel like work!


What makes Springfield Masonic Community different than other senior living communities?

I can’t tell you what makes SMC different from other senior living communities, because I never worked in senior living until coming here. I can tell you about my experiences from my previous job to working at SMC. I came here from jobs in retail. I had the college degree to work in the senior living career field, but after graduation I went into retail. I went to work wondering if I was safe or would our company be robbed before I even got home. That’s no way to go work every day.

When I came to SMC that was the first time I truly enjoyed coming to work. Instead of getting up on Monday morning dreading going to  work, now I get out of bed ready to go and get my week started. I’m part of a family here at SMC.


What do your daily responsibilities include?

My responsibilities vary from day to day, but one thing remains the same. I get to work with our community members every day. Sometimes I get to help them with their IT needs, or I may be delivering their mail. I plan trips with input from our community members. On some occasions, I actually do the driving. Sometimes I even drive a tractor that pulls our community members around the campus just like taking a hayride!

Our life enrichment team also celebrates national holidays. There is a holiday every day of the year. We’re not talking about holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving, but holidays like National Pancake Day or National Nurses Day.

What I enjoy the most is simply my one-on-one time with our community members. Sometimes they just need someone to talk to. When COVID restricted visitors we became the family, the persons they talked to the most. During their times of sadness or grief, I wanted to be there so they knew they had someone to talk to, someone that understood and cared about them.


What are some of your favorite benefits Springfield Masonic Community offers?

Many people might tell you it’s the insurance benefits or PTO, and those are all good, but my benefits are more personal. It’s the “family feeling” that I have every day when I drive onto the campus. I enjoy coming to work. I look at the community members as friends and family members.

I get up each morning and say goodbye to my personal family, then I drive to SMC and say hello to my work family. You can’t ask for better than that.


What would you tell a prospective applicant about Springfield Masonic Community?

Do it! Come join our family. You won’t regret it. You will be welcomed with open arms. As you begin learning your job, take the time to talk to our community members. L earn as much as you can about each of them. It will make every day special.


Why do you love working at Springfield Masonic Community?

SMC holds a special place in my heart. A community member named Fred, reached out to me very quickly after I started working here. He took me for a drive around the campus so I could begin to learn where everything was. This was something that he didn’t have to do, this was something that he chose to do.

On our drive, I asked Fred some questions about being a Mason, since I was now working at the Springfield Masonic Community. Asking those questions changed my personal life too. I made the decision to become a Mason. My professional life and my personal life has taught me a very important lesson. That lesson is to “cherish every moment.” I do my very best to do so every day of my life.



If you are interested in applying at any of The Ohio Masonic Home campuses:

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