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October 2021 Superstar Spotlight

At Western Reserve Masonic Community, (WRMC) our employees are super stars! We recently sat down with Environmental Services employees named Alisha and Anna so they could share their story and the success they’ve had at Western Reserve Masonic Community. Meet Alisha and Anna, a mother and daughter team, Western Reserve Masonic Community Super Stars!


How long have you worked at Western Reserve Masonic Community?

Alisha came to WRMC first and she will reach her three year point in November. She told her daughter, Anna, what a great place WRMC is to work, so Anna joined the team. She reached her two year milestone in August. Both ladies were excited to see how fast the time has gone since joining the Western Reserve Masonic Community team.


What makes Western Reserve Masonic Community different than other senior living communities?

At WRMC we work as a team. Some people might think working with your mother wouldn’t be something they would want to do. We enjoy working together and we make a great team! We function best with a routine, and we have that at WRMC.

Alisha told us that she likes how everything is in one building and that it’s kept so nice and clean. Anna shared with us that she came from the restaurant industry. Working at WRMC she gets to know and develop relationships with the community members. That just doesn’t happen while working in a restaurant.


What do your daily responsibilities include?

We do cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, emptying trash, cleaning the floors and general straightening. While one of us does the kitchen, the other is doing the bathroom. We rotate jobs with every apartment that we do. That makes our work more fun.

We always try to go above and beyond for our community members. Sometimes, particularly when visits were restricted, we were their only visitors. We did our best to fill the void that our community members were missing. We would do small tasks like watering the plants, but often times our community members simply wanted to talk. We really enjoy that part of our job!


What are some of your favorite benefits Western Reserve Masonic Community offers?

Our mother and daughter team had different answers regarding their benefits, but both felt the benefits were excellent. Alisha told us that she likes the PTO (personal time off) arrangement. You start building your PTO as soon as you begin working and you can use your time after you have been working for 90 days. You never know when something unexpected is going to happen and you need to take time off. By having PTO, you don’t have to worry about losing time or money.

Alisha also likes the 403B plan. People need to begin saving at an early age and this is an easy way to save. It can be taken directly from your pay check, so you don’t even miss it!

Anna loves the insurance policies that are available to employees. Anna shared that she is go glad to have great medical insurance, but really loves having a dental and vision plan too. Many companies don’t offer all three to their employees.


What would you tell a prospective applicant about Western Reserve Masonic Community?

This is a great company to work for! Alisha shared, “Western Reserve Masonic Community is a good, friendly place to work.” Anna stated, “The environment is never chaotic, instead it’s laid back and very organized.” Why should you come to work at WRMC? Alisha and Anna shared a reason in common. Our boss, Carol Gatt. She is GREAT! She is here to support us and she is always willing to listen. She gives us the training that we need. She is very professional and always has our backs.


Why do you love working at Western Reserve Masonic Community?

Our mother/daughter team enjoy the community members and getting to know them and see them every day. Anna likes the relationships that she builds and Alisha spends time making sure the community members feel welcome. “I spent time talking with a 106 year old community member, listening to her stories and what life was like when she was our age. There are very few jobs where you can have those types of experiences. Consider joining us at WRMC and learn why we love coming to work every day.”


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