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Superstar Spotlight November 2021

Meet Amy, Life Enrichment Assistant

At Browning Masonic Community, (BMC) our employees are super stars! We recently sat down with Amy, a Life Enrichment Assistant so she could share her story and the success she’s had at Browning Masonic Community. Meet Amy, a Browning Masonic Community Super Star!


How long have you worked at Browning Masonic Community (BMC)?

It will be two years this December that I have been working at BMC. I have lived in this area my entire life, and I am thrilled to be working here. I’m fortunate to have a wonderful husband and two great children. This is home and I am here to stay at Browning Masonic Community.


What makes Browning Masonic Community different than other senior living communities?

I started my career in senior living working in a skilled nursing facility in Perrysburg. When I started working at BMC, I learned that all senior living facilities are not alike. Here, I get to spend my day working with my “grandparents.” 

We are one huge family, the staff and the community  members. We take care of each other. I look forward to coming to work every day. You won’t find this feeling everywhere you go.


What do your daily responsibilities include?

I make sure that all of the activities are set up and running each day. Our activities are a significant part of our program here at BMC. We try to keep our community members as active as possible. Part of our daily activities are arts and crafts, and I love helping people make their crafts special, just the way they want them to look. 

One of the most enjoyable things that I do every day is to simply sit down and talk with our community members. I learn about their lives and we share stories.


What are some of your favorite benefits Browning Masonic Community offers?

If you ask some people about our benefits, they may tell you about PTO time and insurance. Even though I love and appreciate our excellent benefits, personally my favorite benefit is laughing with our community members. I have worked in different areas here at BMC, so getting the opportunity to know more people is also a very special and personal benefit to me.


What would you tell a prospective applicant about Browning Masonic Community?

I would tell them, “You will love it and it will break your heart.” I tell new employees that they need to listen to their stories of our community members, learn from them, and enjoy. Losing a community member is hard whether they moved away or left this earth. Always remember to celebrate their life and hold your memories close. 


Why do you love working at Browning Masonic Community?

That’s an easy question. I love the people and I love to laugh. Laughter makes everyone feel better and it brightens every day. I enjoy helping and caring for our community members. Who doesn’t enjoy spending the day with their “grandparents?”


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