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SMC Provides Pies for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is thought of as a family time.  For many people Thanksgiving can also be a very challenging time. Maybe your family can’t travel from out of town or a loved one has passed away since the previous year. Thanksgiving stirs up all kinds of memories for so many people.  Springfield Masonic Community (SMC) decided to provide a tasty treat to anyone simply for the asking.  Everyone loves pie, especially pumpkin or Dutch apple pie. When the word went out, Poetry Davis, Community Relations and Sales Manager, had over 50 requests for the pies.


When the day arrived for the pies to be picked up, the true meaning of thankfulness became evident.  Poetry shared, “I had one lady that didn’t RSVP stop and unfortunately I didn’t have any pies left, so I offered to bring her a pie the next day. She started crying because it was her first holiday without her husband.   Another lady told me, I didn’t even know how this one thing helped her out tremendously. A third lady shared that she had just had back surgery and was the one who usually brought the dessert.”

The true meaning of Thanksgiving was felt in just a few short hours through this simple act of kindness.