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January 2022 Superstar Spotlight

At Western Reserve Masonic Community, (WRMC) our employees are super stars! We recently sat down with the Life Experience Director for Independent Living so they could share her story and the success she has had at Western Reserve Masonic Community. Meet Michelle, a Western Reserve Masonic Community Super Stars!


How long have you worked at Western Reserve Masonic Community?

I have been the Member Experience Director for Independent Living for two and a half years. I came from a background in retail store management. Making a career change was the best decision I could have made. I enjoy every day here at WRMC.


What makes Western Reserve Masonic Community different than other senior living communities?

I have a family member that works in another senior living facility. Being family, of course we talk. Here are few of the things that I think we do well at WRMC. One of the great things that I see is the different activities that we offer. We know our community members and we know what they enjoy. I try to plan the activities that they have told me they like. I am proud of the good care that we provide for all of our community members.


What do your daily responsibilities include?

I get to plan all the activities and make sure they go off perfectly. I coordinate the calendar so that everything that we want to do fits comfortably into the month. I don’t want too many activities in the same week.

First, I meet with the Events and Outings Committee to plan our events. Sometimes we plan themed dinners or dinners out in the Medina area. We plan casual meals as well as more elaborate lunches and dinners. We plan special treats for National Theme Day. I listen closely to make sure I know exactly what would make our community members happy.

I don’t just plan meals, I also plan activities. I have planned painting classes, shopping trips and have set up choirs to visit our campus. I plan whatever it takes to make our WRMC community members happy and enjoying life.


What are some of your favorite benefits Western Reserve Masonic Community offers?

My favorite is our medical benefits. They are excellent! I injured my knee and was off work for two months. All of this resulted in a total knee replacement. My insurance covered everything. I hated missing so much work, but everyone at WRMC made sure nothing was missed. If you have to be off with an injury for an extended period of time, it’s nice to know that your co-workers are here to lend a hand.

It was also very comforting to have my boss call and check on me. That doesn’t happen everywhere. I also received cards from the community members and that truly brightened my days.


What would you tell a prospective applicant about Western Reserve Masonic Community?

WRMC is a great place to work! Consider joining our team. You can have flexibility with your hours and that’s so important for families. You get to work with great people. We take care of each other and feel like a family. You won’t find this type of working environment everywhere!


Why do you love working at Western Reserve Masonic Community?

Just walk through the door with me one day and you will understand why I love my job. I get the privilege of being a part of the lives of our community members. I am welcomed into their “home.” I get to have fun with our community members and learn so much about their lives.

I got to celebrate the birthday of a community member that was 105 years young. I brought a brass band to WRMC to entertain our community members. Every day is special when I can brighten the lives of our community members.


If you are interested in applying at any of The Ohio Masonic Home campuses:

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Browning Masonic Community | Waterville, Ohio

Western Reserve Masonic Community | Medina, Ohio

visit omhcareers.org or call 877-881-1623.