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Veteran’s Roll Call Returns to SMC

Springfield Masonic Community (SMC) was happy to resume their in person Veteran’s Roll Call.  As it was before the pandemic, some things never change. The roll call always begins with the Pledge of Allegiance.  That may sound easy, but to some of the veterans in the room standing can be a challenge.  Then to stand and salute the flag can be an even greater challenge.  One thing is for sure, no matter whether they were one of the younger veterans or one of the veterans ready to celebrate turning 100, all were on their feet.  This is a true display of patriotism.

At every Veteran’s Roll Call, a portion of the time is a business meeting.  The members are looking for guest speakers to speak at their monthly meetings. The April meeting will welcome Al Bailey, President of Honor Flight Dayton.  As well as his presentation, Al will be bringing forms for the next Honor Flight scheduled for the fall 2022.

Memorial Day activities were discussed with the possibility of participating in the Springfield Memorial Day Parade.

A special part of each Veteran’s Roll Call is the introduction of those who are attending for the first time. One veteran shared her story of serving in the National Guard during Desert Shield/Desert Storm.  She suffered a broken back during her service to our country. Even with an injury of that magnitude, she emotionally told her fellow veterans of her wishes to be able to serve today. She shared, “I would give anything to deploy to the Ukraine to serve my country today.” There were nods and voices of agreement from all the veterans in attendance.