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Coffee Connection; Meet with your SMC President

Would you like the opportunity to meet your campus president?  If you live at the Springfield Masonic Community (SMC) you have the opportunity to do just that on the second Friday of each month at 1:00 PM.  Tony Berardi, SMC President, meets with anyone that chooses to attend the Coffee Connection.  The meeting, or Coffee Connection, is divided into three parts, guest speaker, announcements and question and answers.

The guest speaker is designed to educate the community members on topics that could improve the quality of their lives.  As an example, at the most recent Coffee Connection, Alex from Caption Call took a few minutes to explain how to get a phone that will assist the hearing impaired.

The question and answer portion of the meeting takes the largest amount of time. Tony listens and answers honestly to whatever is asked. What a good feeling that has to be knowing that your voice will always be heard.