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What Do You Know About Playing Pool?

Community members at Springfield Masonic Community (SMC) are learning about the game of pool from Bruce Gardner.  Bruce and his wife Betty Jane moved to SMC from Maryland about 9 months ago. Bruce started playing pool at the age of 13 in his uncle’s basement. His interest continued and at 18 he was playing pool with a friend at Andrews AFB. As time moved on, Bruce married and had a son.  Bruce’s son followed in his father’s footsteps and developed the same love of pool. When they downsized to prepare for their move, they gave their pool table to their daughter.

When Bruce and Betty Jane moved to Ohio, Bruce discovered that the SMC pool table was not in good condition.  It needed some basic repairs in order to really be a good table.  After speaking to Dave Flohre and then working with SMC President, Tony Berardi the needed repairs were made.  Tony approved the finances for the repairs as well as a new light to be hung over the table.

Bruce wanted to contribute to the project as well.  He donated some new cue sticks and balls as well as “Kelly pills” that are used for determining the pairing of the players.

Now that the table has been repaired, what comes next? Every Tuesday night SMC members meet at the Community Center to play pool.  The numbers vary, but there have been as many as 11 people, both men and women, at all ability levels enjoying an evening of pool. Bruce keeps the evening running smoothly so everyone can enjoy themselves.  He provides guidance to those that have questions and he teaches those that are still learning or trying to hone their skills.

Bruce, was asked why he chose to get involved and bring the repairs and Tuesday evening pool night to fruition?  His answer says it all. “It is fun and brings comradery among the community members. You can play as long as your body lets you which for some people can be a very, very, very long time.  Join us and give it a shot.”