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SMC First Happy Hour; a Huge Success!

April 15th was the beginning of a weekly tradition at Springfield Masonic Community. (SMC) Community members enjoyed the first ever Happy Hour! A variety of beverages were available from wine and beer to mixed drinks. For those that didn’t want an alcoholic beverage, soft drinks were also available. Delicious hors d’oeurves were provided and enjoyed by everyone. The hors d’oeurves will vary each week.  Stacey Walters served as the bartender.  She brought back some skills she learned years ago.

SMC President, Tony Berardi joined the celebration.  He was delighted to see the community members having a good time. He took time to greet everyone and see what they might enjoy at future Happy Hours.  The general consensus seemed to be that some music might make the Happy Hours even more fun.

Most everyone decided to stay past the end of the Happy Hour and enjoy dinner together. As the evening came to an end, you could hear comments such as “Let’s do this again next week.”