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Talking to your love one(s) about moving to a senior living community can be tough. The move to a senior living community is often viewed as a permanent blow to an elder’s independence, and many seniors stubbornly avoid discussing this topic because they’re afraid they’ll be forced out of their homes. Children and spouses tiptoe around the subject as well, because they are unsure how their loved ones will react.

We encourage you to take a step back and take a look – an objective look at your loved one’s current situation and see if there may be signs evident that they require a little more.

Unfortunately, many families postpone this conversation for too long. An accident or medical crisis can suddenly necessitate a higher level of care, causing the entire family to frantically research senior living options and try matching them with an elder’s needs and preferences.

Broaching the topic of moving to a senior living community well before it’s needed can help remove some of the anxiety and uncertainty from the equation, making it easier for all involved.




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