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How do you know a parent or loved one needs more help than you can give?

Sometimes, it’s easy to see the signs. Maybe your parent experienced a fall or received advice from his/her physician that it’s time to consider assisted living. But, sometimes the signs are tougher to see.

You may notice your mom forgot to lock her front door once or twice, or forgot to turn off the stove. Maybe your dad forgot to take his medicine a few times last month. It can be difficult to identify a shift in a senior’s ability to care for herself, or a physical or cognitive decline. So how do you know when these are signs that they need full-time care?

During holidays and family get togethers, we encourage you to Take A Look.  Focus on key areas of your aging loved one’s life to see if now is the time to get them the help they need.


Things to look for and consider when it comes to a parent’s mobility.


Can include: not leaving the house, neglected property, hoarding


Bills unpaid & piling up on the counter, hard time understanding when to pay, sudden difficulty remembering when to pay or handling the process


Confusion, unable to follow directions, or getting lost in familiar places can be signs to look out for.


Loss of spouse, transition into Senior Living or Assisted Living alone