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Meet Our Board of Trustees

Ronald L. Connelly


Terry Posey

1st Vice Chairman

Kevin B. Todd

2nd Vice Chairman

Randy A. Williams


Gary B. Williams, M.D.


David L. Collins

Steven A. Duncan

Gary L. Nicholson, M.D.

Dennis Hughes

Thomas R. Schuck

Michael Terry

Gerald Pugh

J. Keith Green

Gregory Clatterbuck

Ronald Hart

Justin Hammerling

Jessie Leek

Meet Our Executive Leadership Team

Scott Buchanan

Chief Executive Officer

Cara Schuster

Chief Clinical Officer

Steve Petitjean

Executive Director, The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation

Brooke Herring

Chief Financial Officer

Rob Lane

Corporate Director, Procurement

Campus Leadership

Anthony Berardi

President, Springfield Masonic Community

Jason French

President, Western Reserve Masonic Community;

Jason French

President - Browning Masonic Community